Andrea was born in Forlì(Italy) in 1978. Visual artist and performer.
His sign research begun at the age of fourteen. In 1998 he started, as actor, a ten years collaboration with “Teatro Nucleo”, working hard on Stanislavskji System, travelling and performing in different countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Irleand, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Swiss, Belgium, Ex Urss, South Korea and Italy. In 2005 he started with urban drawings. He worked as  theatre former in the lab of the Jail of Ferrara from 2005 until 2016.
He is the art-work man of the label Hell Yeah Recordings, working on vinyl covers for album/remixes for international Dj's and musicians as Dimitri From Paris, Tom Moulton, Prins Thomas, Doc Martin, Enzo Elia, Florian Meindl, Gigi Masin, Tempelhof, Dj Rocca and others.
With Collettivo Cinetico Performing Arts collaborates as performer since its foundation in 2007 and with  Koi Press colaborates as illustrator. 
His interest is communicate and develop ideas, mixing various media as paint, draw, theatre, dance and video and music, with a special look to the world of the children and the relation between performer and random spectators. In  2005 he creates the character "Human-Alien", drawing it  all around the world in streets, airports gates, train stations, clubs and toilets and starts to work on the concept of  "psycho-paint", assimilating elements of Stanislavskji System practice in his  painting research.

" these compressed times, the borders of arts(and in general, of whatever you do) are just marketing tools...i really need to switch from paint to sculpture, to television projects, to electronic production, to contemporary dance, to graphics, otherwise this compression would kill me."

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