Vinyl covers

for Hell Yeah Recordings

"Themes From The Hood, The Cad & The Lovely EP" by Max Essa
marker on paper

"Sea Monster" by Kito Jempere
acrilyc on photo
Model: Maria Ziosi 

"Tsuki" by Tempelhof & Gigi Masin

"Acid Neukolln EP" by Enzo Elia & Terribelle
marker on paper, 24cm x 24cm, 2015

"Bella Ciao" by Underground System - Leo Mas & Fabrice Remixes
acrylics+correction fluid on a print of "I Funerali di Togliatti" 
by italian painter Renato Guttuso
about 25cm x 25cm, 2015

    "Rio Disco EP" by Mushrooms Project
    marker + pencil on paper
    23cm x 15 cm, 2015
"Understory" by Luminodisco
marker+pen+watercolour on paper
about 30cm x 40cm, 2015

"Disco Shake" by Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca
marker+acrylic on paper, 2014
"Hoshi" by Tempelhof & Gigi Masin
acrylics on photo, 2014
"Liuff Settanta / 4 aggressive young boys" by Margot
250 numbered covers hand painted and signed
monothype+watercolour, 2012

"Telespazio" by Telespazio aka Fabrizio Mammarella
collage+marker on paper
25cm x 25cm, 2015
Hell Yeah Recordings generic jacket 2013
marker+collage, 2013
"Another" by Crimea X
sculpture detail from "Relationshipz Serie"
Enzo Elia & Floria Meindl
detail from "Il cuore è sempre rotto"

"Coast to coast EP" Alexander Robotnik and Florian Meindl
remixed by Doc Martin and Justin Van Der Volgen
marker on paper(Wonderland Serie) 2013
"Alt/Fank1" by Margot
acrylic monothype + watercolour, 2013
"Vannij" by Crimea X
250 numbered covers hand painted and signed
"Vannij" by Crimea X
250 numbered covers hand painted and signed

"September Scary EP" by Enzo Elia
250 numbered covers hand painted and signed
"City Airport EP" by Tempelhof
watercolour on paper
about 20cm x 20cm, 2013
"Frozen Dancers EP", 2014
"Back to new roots" by 3iO
pen on paper, 2011

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